By evolving into a competency center, Eggemoen is not only enhancing the possibilities that the industrial park can offer, but also giving competitive advantages to individual companies based out of its premises.

In the summer of 2015, Innovasjonsløft Ringerike and Buskerud County, launched a feasibility study to assess the potential for growth and establishment of an industrial cluster at Eggemoen. The objective of the feasibility study was to evaluate the level of interest and the basis for developing an industrial cluster at Eggemoen. Of a total of 16 established/ associated companies at Eggemoen, 13 participated in feasibility study and their contributions to this initiative have been vital. On completion of the feasibility study, it was clear that the companies have a clear and collective objective of establishing an industrial cluster at Eggemoen.

The feasibility study is now being followed up by a pilot project that aims to strengthen corporate networks, help in identifying short and long-term objectives, as well as lead to the initiation of subsequent projects.

Going forward, organizations such as Innovation Norway, Innovasjonsløft Ringerike, Buskerud County, educational institutions as well as the existing industrial clusters, will be important collaboration partners.

Eggemoen is providing a further boost to the high-tech industrial axis between Kongberg - Eggemoen - Raufoss and Gjøvik.