Tronrud Engineering AS and Ola Tronrud AS have been engaged in developing and providing advanced technological solutions since 1977. All the projects are implemented in close cooperation with Norwegian and international customers – from an idea, through the design and construction, to the commissioning phase.

The two companies work closely together and have a strong technological focus, a small and competent administrative staff and quick decision-making processes. The key persons at these companies have a large network of contacts and a very good rapport with the municipal and regional authorities as well as with those laying down the industrial policies.

Ola Tronrud

As an innovator-cum-entrepreneur thorough and through, Ola began to develop and produce special machines in 1977 and has since then, he has built Tronrud Engineering to be a solid company with a broad expertise. In addition, he has invested significant resources in developing Eggemoen Aviation & Technology Park. Ola is committed to generating opportunities and facilitating industrial competitiveness and has a creative zest that easily rubs off on his staff. He also has keen interest in aviation and is a skilled pilot behind the controls of his own helicopter.