The airport is conveniently located on a plateau between Jevnaker and Hønefoss. The airport is an important factor for the further development of the industrial park and is well adapted for commercial and GA traffic.

Hønefoss airport, Eggemoen (ENEG) does not aim to compete with the airports at Gardermoen, Rygge or Torp, which mainly handle commercial air traffic; but it rather aims at offering world-class aviation facilities for businesses based on its premises. As the landowner, concessionaire, and holder of technical approvals, Eggemoen Utvikling has 100% control over the airport. With no commercial activity at Eggemoen, there are few restrictions in the airspace.

The runway at Eggemoen was re-established in 2010. All the work being carried out at the airport is quality-controlled by Avinor and the Civil Aviation Authority (Luftfartstilsynet). The airport has been designed so as to allow future expansions and is suitable for lighting on the ground. The airport is zoned for code C3.

The airport is conveniently located on a plateau, away from residential buildings. This helps in adhering to the regulations regarding noise levels as well as contributes towards increased security of the site and its surroundings. The airport is currently used by private, public and industry players.